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Cisco Aironet 1242 and the Nest Learing Thermostat

I've been having issues with the Nest reporting 'Offline' every hour or so within the app. The thermostat would comeback 'Online' if I deliberately moved in front of it or otherwise woke it up. I realized this issue must be related to the device sleeping to conserve power. I use a Cisco Aironet 1242 WAP for my home wireless and decided to dig into it's configuration. After many failed debugging and configuration attempts, I think the issue has finally be solved by adding the following configuration item:

beacon dtim-period 3

I also set the speeds to 802.11g standards and the activity-timeout to 600.

speed basic-12.0 basic-18.0 basic-24.0 basic-36.0 basic-48.0 basic-54.0

dot11 activity-timeout unknown default 600

dot11 activity-timeout client default 600 maximum 600

The DTIM-period is how often the a wireless client in power save mode should check a buffer for data. The Cisco default is 2, which tells the client check after every other beacon. Increasing this value to 3 seems to work the best with the Nest.