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Cuckoo Intergration with threat_note

threat_note is a great, light-weight webapp that gives security researchers, incident responders and other security practitioners a place to collect indicators of compromise. threat_note has been designed to integrate with a variety of 3rd party services, allowing users to quickly pull in data to provide more context around an indicator.

One useful integration is with Cuckoo Sandbox. Cuckoo is a malware analysis sandbox used to detonate and examine suspicious executables. Cuckoo collects execution data including how a system is modifed, any dropped files and network communication. Enabling Cuckoo integration in threat_note is simple and quickly allows the investigator to grab IOCs from a previously analyzed sample.

Start by running the Cuckoo API server.

python ./cuckoo/utils/api.py -H

Next, in threat_note enable Cuckoo Sandbox in the Settings > File. Then configure the fields for Cuckoo Host and Cuckoo API Port.

Alt text

Alt text

The Import from Cuckoo button will appear on the Dashboard, clicking it will take you to the import page.

Alt text

Select the analysis task you would like to import and optionally, add a campaign or list of tags.

All file hashes, domains and IP address detected by Cuckoo will now be available in the threat_note interface.

Alt text

This simple yet powerful integration enables you to quickly import a large set of indicators from a tool that generates high quality IOCs.